About Us

We are so excited to share our journey with you! But before we go forward, let’s explain how we got here!

Everything Starts Over a Drink

 We are Sherri and Tarah and we are the DIY mamas! How did we come to be you ask? Good question! One night, after an extra glass of wine and talk of the DIY blog Sherri no longer had time for, it was decided that together we could sustain a blog that would inspire and entertain others while we document all our DIY projects! The next morning it took a bit more convincing but after some water and Advil we knew we had to follow through!

Why we are so likable… I mean, Relatable

 One of the reasons we wanted to join forces was because we represent two different categories of moms. Sherri is a working mom while I stay at home with my three kiddos. It can be hard to find the time (and clean table space) to do the smallest of projects, but we feel DIY is a necessary therapy in all the beautiful chaos that is motherhood!

It’s All Relative

 Being able to accomplish all these things would not be possible without our incredible families. Between the two of us we have 5 kids and two amazingly supportive men. Without their encouragement we would not have nearly as much fun doing what we love!

Here’s a little bit more about each of us:


Hi! I’m Sherri and this is my honey Cory and our two peanuts Jackson and Brynlee.


Back in 2015 (when I only had one munchkin keeping my hands full) I started a DIY blog called Thrifty Artsy Girl. I set out to share with the world my thrifty DIY projects, from crafting, to handmade decor, to renovating not only our construction grade home but also our Victorian apartment buildings. I loved writing tutorials and documenting everything about my DIY prowess; not only for my family to be able to look back on all that we had accomplished on our houses, but for other women to (hopefully) be empowered and inspired to tackle their own home improvement projects themselves!

Then we decided to complete our little family with another baby. Inevitably, between caring for an infant, chasing my son around, crafting for my little Etsy shop and my full time job, all along with trying to keep some sort of semblance of order to our home, I found it increasingly difficult to find the time to blog. Although I really, really missed it, I knew that someday I’d go back to it, possibly when my children were far more self sufficient and I wouldn’t have entire days filled with potty training woes to look forward to.

Then along came Tarah to rekindle the blogging flame. Thanks to her not so gentle prodding I’m now back in the blogging world with a sidekick included in my DIY (and Mama) adventures!


Hello, I’m Tarah! I have a wonderful husband named Chris and together we share three beautiful kiddos, Paxton, Ivy and Ainsley. I have been a stay at home mom for about 6 years. My days usually consist of diapers, laundry, dishes, being a personal chef and many other tedious tasks that I’m pretty sure the rest of my family think a secret fairy sneaks in and takes care of in the middle of the night.  Although I am very thankful to my hardworking hubby who allows me to be at home with our babies, it can be challenging not to lose yourself in parenthood. Hobbies are key!

After my second child was born I started really sinking my teeth into photography. It filled me with a happiness and a purpose that differed from the joys that being a mom brought. After two years of pursuing photography we were blessed with our third baby. It was at that time I decided I  needed to take a step back and figure out how to transition from man on man to zone defense.

It wasn’t until last year after we purchased our first home that I found myself able to indulge in some new projects. I became really aware of just how beneficial being self-sufficient in the home décor/reno department really was. Matter of fact, the whole process has given us a real understanding for the term “budget friendly”. Thankfully, I’m great friends with one handy, thrifty mama who was willing to share some of her secrets (and a blog!). Now, with this platform, I am able to revel in all of my creative profiecencies with the luxury of having a partner in crime, “momming” and DIY!


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